Currently we have the tremendous privilege of partnering with Idea Exchange in Cambridge, Ontario for the development and presentation of our Introduction to Electronics course. This course teaches youth and adults the basics of electronics and instills best practices when working this field.

Our complete youth projects can be found below. These projects are rather extensive and are best completed under the supervision of one of our volunteers as part of a course. That being said, we do not discourage you to peruse the information in the hopes that you may develop further ideas.

The Night Light Cube

Started in the fall of 2019, the Night Light Cube replaces the line following robot as our youth education project. It’s operation is quite simple – it lights up when it is shaken. The more it is shaken – the more light it gives. Automatically dims out after 3 minutes.

Click below to see a complete description of the project that includes 3D models for the housing, circuit board design, software and everything you need to do this yourself.

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The Line Following Robot

Our first youth project, started in 2016 featured a two-wheeled robot that was built and programmed to follow a line on a white floor. Even though it was a challenging build, the feedback was tremendously positive.

While this project is now obsolete, we have dedicated a page to it so that the inspiration it has created may live on. The below page is a complete description of this project.

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