The Night Light Cube is a simple introductory project into the world of discrete electronics. The Cube will light up when shaken and turns itself off when left undisturbed. The case and lenses are 3D printed so that you can build this in your own workshop.


Operation Manual: PDF

Assembly Manual: PDF

Project Schematic: PDF

3D Printer Files

STL Files: ZIP

PCB Files

The Night Light Cube project was designed in the free KiCad environment.

KiCad Project Files: ZIP

Night Light Gerber Archive: ZIP

Software Files

The Night Light Cube is equipped with a PIC16LF1704 micro-controller from Microchip Technology Inc. Programming for this chip is done in MPLABX which is available free from their website. Please note that the XC8 compiler is free but a separate required download. The project file for the LFR is available below.

Night Light Cube MPLabX Project: ZIP

Night Light Cube Hex File: ZIP

Did you write some cool software for this device?
Send it to us so we can post it on our website.

To program the micro-controller you will require a PIC programmer. We strongly recommend the Pickit3 which can be purchased from eBay, Amazon or any Microchip distributor such as Digikey and Mouser.

Lectures and Presentations

Below are copies of the PowerPoint presentations shown as part of the instructional course. These are just talking points and do no replace being present for the actual lecture.

Soldering Presentation

Soldering Video (YouTube)

De-Soldering Presentation

De-Soldering Video (YouTube)


Introduction to Micro-Controllers

Bipolar Junction Transistors



Tilt and Vibration Switches