Youth Programs

Currently we have the tremendous privilege of partnering with Idea Exchange in Cambridge, Ontario for the development and presentation of our Introduction to Electronics course. This course teaches youth and adults the basics of electronics and instills best practices when working this field.

Our complete youth projects can be found below. These projects are rather extensive and are best completed under the supervision of one of our volunteers as part of a course. That being said, we do not discourage you to peruse the information in the hopes that you may develop further ideas.

See our Projects Here

Arduino Kits

We are currently developing a series of basic Arduino kits for the purpose of deploying them in public libraries as material to be loaned, just like a book. This will bring tremendous value to the novice that is willing to learn but doesn’t know where to start.

These kits are simple devices, usually incorporating an Arduino UNO, that allow the user to learn how to program an embedded device without the need to actually construct it from scratch or purchase an expensive commercial kit.

See our Arduino Kits Here


Under this heading we list our miscellaneous completed projects. The intention of listing and describing these projects is to inspire new ideas and techniques. One may find interesting reading material under some of our less conventional projects.

A lot of our published miscellaneous projects are built from scraps and discarded material. The level of detailed finish on these projects may be severely lacking. We strongly discourage anybody from trying to replicate these projects, especially some of the high voltage projects.

See our Miscellaneous Projects