We are currently developing a series of basic Arduino kits for the purpose of deploying them in public libraries as material to be loaned, just like a book. This will bring tremendous value to the novice that is willing to learn but doesn’t know where to start.

These kits are simple devices, usually incorporating an Arduino UNO, that allow the user to learn how to program an embedded device without the need to actually construct it from scratch or purchase an expensive commercial kit.

If this is your first experience with programming an embedded device (Arduino Kit), it may prove to be very frustrating at first. Take regular breaks, have a coffee and don’t take things personally. It’s just a machine after all. Like every new skill, it takes a great amount of experience to become proficient. It is normal for this experience to seem overwhelming at first. You will be entering into a world that is completely foreign to you. This is another universe – understanding it may be difficult at first.


FIRST TIME USERS: If this is the first time using an Arduino, please follow our Guide to Setting Up your Computer. Further, if you wish to understand exactly what you are interacting with, read our What is an Arduino? guide.

EXPERIENCED USERS: Please note that our kits come with a CH340G USB to Serial converter, so you will need the CH340G drivers in order to make it work. These drivers are available in Step3 of the above guide.


The Arduino Experimental Device #19 is the most basic of our kits. It incorporates only three switches and six LEDs. This is where you start.

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